How much will it cost to get my hardwood floors refinished?

How much will it cost to get my hardwood floors refinished?

Every client that is interested in getting their hardwood floors refinished has this question, "how much is it going to cost to get my hardwood floors refinished?" Honestly, it's a very good question.

Many times we get calls wanting to know a general price for floor refinishing. While there are times we do give a round about price, we first must say that almost every time the price is different. "Why?", you might ask. Well, each hardwood floor is different. One floor may be much older than another, which typically can affect the cost making it more. Other times, it can be the type of floor that takes more time to refinish such as an engineered floor. Factors that can affect cost also include what type of stain, finish, or products the client wants.  

Some clients know exactly what type of stain, finish, or products they want prior to us coming (and that's fine). But many times we explain to the clients the differences and how they can affect the cost. 

One thing we want our customers to know and understand is that we are NOT the lowest price hardwood flooring company. We strive to make high-quality a commitment on every flooring project. We have invested in numerous hours of training and education in order to provide our clients with superior service and quality. Therefore, cutting our prices to a low-dollar amount would result in an unsatisfactory performance on the project that is performed.

Most of the time, we provide our clients with an estimate on the spot at your consultation and it is sent to your email right then. In situations where we have to get a price, your estimate is normally delivered within 48 hours of coming out. Faith Hardwood Flooring has a $1000.00 minimum for a hardwood flooring project. Whether the project is small or big, we are committed to making your hardwood floor refinishing project a success.

For us, the best and most precise way to get you a hardwood flooring refinishing or installation cost is to come to your home or business. We are also open to you sending us an email at, providing us pictures, and a description of your hardwood flooring project, what you are wanting to achieve, as well as contact information (name, where you are located,phone number, etc